Benefactor Emergency Care

Will I have to use an Urgent Care or Emergency Room after hours?

While a doctor is available to you at all times, there may be medical situations that require more advanced care than she can provide. Only in these cases would you be advised by the doctor to present to an Emergency Room. In the event of a medical emergency, patients are advised to call 911 prior to calling your SLFMG doctor to begin evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.

What happens if I have to be admitted to the hospital?

The doctors at SLFMG have privileges at Memorial Medical Center and Doctors Medical Center. If needed our physicians will arrange for your admittance into the hospital, oversee your care and coordinate with any required specialists. The continuity of your care is important to us, and we believe that is in the hospital as well as in our clinic.

Do you make House Calls?

There may occasionally be a situation where a patient is unable to come into the office. In these instances, a doctor will be available to see you in your home at a mutually agreeable time.  When patients are in a persistent non-ambulatory state (i.e., cannot come to the office regularly or if they are ill, or are in a custodial care facility or nursing home) we have a special In-Home Benefactor category that provides direct primary care in the patients residence, coordinates with caregivers, and regularly communicates family.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact our Executive Director, Karin Hennings at (209) 846-7916 or