Benefactors & Direct Primary Care

Receive personalized care

Why would I want to be a benefactor?

Benefactors enjoy unparalleled access to their personal physician. Vastly smaller practice sizes will allow same day service. There is no additional charge for any services Benefactors received from the office. Most importantly, Benefactors support the St. Luke's provide the no cost outpatient primary care for the uninsured of our community. Become a part of the solution - join St. Luke's Family Practice today!


St. Luke’s Family Practice provides Direct Primary Care (DPC). Sometimes referenced as concierge medicine or a boutique medical practice, a private financial contract is established between the patient and medical practice.  The practice does not accept or bill insurance, Medicare or MediCal. Patients pay a flat rate per person per year and there are no additional co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance amounts to pay for any service rendered by our physicians. Benefactors are required maintain health insurance for necessary hospitalization, imaging, tests, or prescriptions. Most frequently a high deductible PPO is selected by the those who select direct primary care.

In return for their annual fee each Benefactors receives same-day appointments, 24/7 access to a physician via email, cell, phone or text messaging, appointments that can be scheduled by the patient on a website that shows the doctors’ availability, ½ hour or longer appointments, all clinic services (EKGs, casts, stitches, removal of skin lesions, physicals, etc), emergency and hospital stay management, as well as personalized case coordination when specialists are needed. 

Additionally, for homebound or extremely vulnerable patients, our physicians provide in-home visits to nursing homes, private residences, and rehabilitation facilities. 

As a standard we provide same-day care with kindness, continuity, choice, and coordination from the same person or team.  Many have called it a return to the way medicine used to be and more people are becoming aware of and seeking this style of health care: we call it St. Luke’s Family Practice.

St. Luke’s reduces your out-of-pocket costs and you can benefit from supporting a community based nonprofit that provides health care for those less fortunate.  The testimonies of our patients and other physicians indicate that our doctors are highly qualified for your family primary care.

Can I sponsor my adult child, their family or my parent(s) for care at St. Luke's Family Practice?

Yes. St. Luke's Family Practice may provide just the assurance you need for the care of your loved ones.


How much do I have to pay each year to be a benefactor?

Benefactors must pay the full amount of their annual fee on or before December 31 to guarantee a place in the practice for the following calendar year. The contract fee is prorated for Benefactors joining our practice mid-year.