Community Partners




Quest Diagnostics believes in supporting access to health care through multiple forms of service. By providing deeply discounted lab tests to the uninsured, Quest makes monitoring chronic disease, diagnosis, and follow-up possible for all. Quest Diagnostics has been a SLFP Community Partner since 2008 providing affordable prices on lab tests for the uninsured.

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital Precision Imaging provides low cost imaging services to our uninsured patients. Also, SSHPI is our mammography center for the Well Woman Mid-life Check-up Initiative which provides a comprehensive physical, mammogram and PAP test for the uninsured.

Dittos Printing in MCHenry Village, California helps provide the brochures and information cards to those who are uninsured and who would like to learn more about St. Luke’s and how to get involved. Ditto’s is a locally owned business.

If your company would like to help support this community service please contact our executive
director now.