St. Luke's

About Our Name

St. Luke, "the beloved physician" (Col. 4:14) is the patron saint of physicians. Our unique practice model allows our doctors to live out their Christian vocation through state-of-the-art medical practice and enduring doctor-patient relationships, while also providing care to those in need.


Our Mission

To establish a sustainable nonprofit organization for the delivery of primary health care to uninsured persons who do not qualify for government programs. 

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Social justice (economic),
  • Dignity of the human person (life),
  • The role of the family in the world (community), and
  • The role of laity in doing God’s work (call to provide).

About Our Specialty

Family Medicine is the art of "caring for common problems uncommonly well". The physicians at St. Luke's Family Practice are Board Certified and members of the American Academy of Family Physicians. St. Luke's Family Practice provides quality comprehensive primary care to men, women and children of all faiths.

We are a California Social Purpose Professional Medical Corporation

St. Luke's Family Medical Group, A Social Purpose Corp (SLFMG) is affiliated with St. Luke’s Family Foundation (SLFF) a tax-exempt nonprofit public benefit corporation (federal tax ID number 38-3681072). SLFMG provides Direct Primary Care (DPC) to a small group of patients known as Benefactors which in turn support the charitable work in SLFP.  The DPC practice supports our charitable walk-in clinic and all care provided is consistent with Catholic health tradition. Each year this self-sustaining social impact business model provides 4,000-5,000 free outpatient visits to uninsured persons ineligible for government programs.