Why Support SLFP

By helping SLFP through community awareness, business leadership, and financial development, we Board members are also trying to do our bit for society. I recently signed nearly one hundred of letters providing information to family and friends and asking them to help me help others by doing the following:

Did you know that in California one-in-four between ages 19-64 is without health insurance for some period each year? St. Luke's innovative social-business model bridges this health care gap by providing direct primary health care for two very important groups – Benefactors and Recipients.

Benefactors are individuals and families blessed with the ability to support the work of St. Luke's Family Practice through an annual contribution. In return they receive their primary care from one of the personal physicians at St. Luke's Family Practice.

Recipients are those less fortunate who cannot currently obtain health insurance and do not qualify for government programs. Recipients receive primary medical care without charge from SLFP at any of eight weekly clinic sessions.

Since 2004 SLFP has provided over 15,000 FREE health care visits to uninsured persons in Stanislaus County.