How To Access Care

Accessing care: Schedule online or by phone

Benefactors may schedule their own same-day or next-day appointments anytime on our website.  For personal help, call our front desk and we can figure out the best time for “adding in” to the schedule.  If you walk in without an appointment, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible; but realize that there may be a wait while we see already scheduled patients.

Do I have to make my appointments online?

No, you may always call our front office during regular business hours and schedule your appointments over the phone.

Do I have to communicate with my doctor electronically?

For non-urgent matters, we prefer that you communicate with your doctor electronically via our website Message Center, email, or text message.  However, you do not have to use a computer at all!  We are very happy to accommodate you over the telephone, with pen and paper, or by U.S. Mail if that is what you prefer.

Benefactors: For additional information please login to the Benefactor Area.